if allowed piece exists; allowed weight not seen, PC for PIECE,K or KG for Kilogram measures identified here. The company's headquarters are located at Brussels Airport, an international airport located about 7 miles northeast of Brussels. Refer to OTA Code List 'Status' (STS). Specifies one or more ticketing relevant codes. This method returns the detailed information of the reservations created through our reservation system. For instance the Turkish giant is flying to Somalia, Afghanistan, and has a vast network in Africa which is heavily developing. Compares over 2,000,000 accommodation options, over 900 rental car companies and over 600 airlines. A remark associated with the payment form. They fly to more than 290 global destinations with their fleet of 334 aircraft. Des itinéraires de vol s'étendant d'un continent à l'autre En achetant un billet Turkish Airlines, vous pouvez vous rendre dans plus de 300 destinations dans quelque 110 pays. Provides text and indicates whether it is formatted or not. In accordance with the conditions set out in the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law Order No. Code providing status information for this special service request. May also be used for full name if the sending system does not have the ability to separate a full name into its parts, e.g. Detailed information on individual priced fares. The ticket document number including the airline code, the form code, and the serial number. The airline flies to 280 airports in 110 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. It is possible to use multiple forms of payment for one transaction, therefore this element may be used more than once. Turkish Airlines flies to 50 domestic and 245 international destinations in 123 countries, excluding those only served by Turkish Airlines Cargo. Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage. Find discounted Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets reservations step by step process. The airlines base is located in Istanbul and allows direct flights to almost every country on earth. An ISO 4217 (3) alpha character code that specifies a monetary unit. For all the latest Turkish Airlines flight deals & reservations fill the above search form and compare all the latest deals and offers on Turkish Airlines Flights.Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier of Turkey was founded in 1933. The date and time of the flight segment departure. Identifies a company by the company code. With headquarters in Istanbul and flying to more than 243 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia and both North and South America, Turkish Airlines is currently the 4th largest airlines in the world, based on the number of destinations it flies to. The airline has codeshare agreements with many airlines, such as Air Astana, Air China, Air Indi… Book your Turkish Airlines USA reservations with us, and you'll be treated to all sorts of special offers, exclusive discounts, and personalized recommendations. One or more travelers to whom this request applies, One or more flights to whom this request applies. Ma réservation; Aide; Turkish Airlines. The code specifying a monetary unit. Refer to OpenTravel code list Misc Ticketing Code (MTC).List of OpenTravel Codes. An identifier used to uniquely reference a customer profile. ), shows extra details according to client demands. It has its base airport in Istanbul in Turkey. Identifies the context of the identifying code, such as IATA, ARC, or internal code, etc. Request a reservation based on a PNR number. Turkish Airlines has been a member of the international Star Alliance since 2008. A collection of availability counts per booking class. You can find how to test an API in documentation page. Name: Description: Type: Required: UniqueID: Request a reservation based on a PNR number. La réservation Turkish Airlines via le site officiel de la compagnie aérienne turque ou via ses applications mobiles, les voyageurs n’ont que l’embarras du choix pour trouver le billet qui leur correspond. About Turkish Airline: Turkish Airline was founded on 20 th May 1933. AirItineraryType-OriginDestinationOptions, A container for OriginDestinationOptionType. In addition to long-haul international flights, the carrier has plenty of domestic flights to the most popular destinations in Turkey. API URL : https://api.turkishairlines.com, Information on which device made the service call (Nokia E72, Browser), The model object which contains key, value. INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS On short-haul international flights, there may not be a meal choice due to the short flying time, on longer routes expect a choice of two hot meal options. Indicates if an infant accompanying a traveler is with or without a seat. Used for an Alpha String, length 1 to 2 (for letter codes). Seating requests for each passenger for each air leg of this trip. Payment information relevant to a booking. When true, unticketed bookings should be cancelled when the TicketTimeLimit has expired. They fly to more countries than any other airline, with 115 on their destination list, and fly to more countries from one airport than any other European airline. Details of a loyalty redemption arrangement. This is equivalent to the ISO 4217 standard "minor unit". diplays each segment and each passenger baggage allowance, If there is one or more WKSC segment then chain_order shows Trophy chain order info, If there is one or more WKSC segment then chain_number shows Trophy chain number info, If there is one or more WKSC segment then RPH shows segment info filled by Trophy. The ID attribute may be used to reference a primary-key value within a database or in a particular implementation. This message contains similar information to a standard airline CRS or GDS Display PNR message. Provides the monetary amount due for payment as quoted. Specifies whether a flight segment is eligible for electronic ticketing. A reference to the type of object defined by the UniqueID element. Les vols Turkish Airlines vous ouvrent les portes du monde, tout en vous procurant une expérience de voyage exquise au-dessus des nuages. The ISO 4217 standard "minor unit" for the number of decimal places for a particular currency. Name and contact person information for the company associated with the air travel.Identifies a company by name. The country's flag carrier, Turkish Airlines (TK) was founded in 1933. About Turkish Airline: Turkish Airline was founded on 20 th May 1933. Typically used when the amount provided includes the minor unit of currency without a decimal point (e.g., USD 8500 needs DecimalPlaces="2" to represent $85). Turkish Airlines (also known as THY) is the national flag carrier of Turkey, operating scheduled services to over 200 domestic and international airports. the surname element may be used to pass the full name. Stored information about a customer. Yesilkoy, Special Service Requests (SSR) for this booking. 24/7 Customer Support 1-877-617-1110 34149, Website : Per passenger type code pricing for this itinerary. Turkish Airlines (Turkish: Türk Hava Yolları) is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey.As of August 2019, it operates scheduled services to 315 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, making it the largest mainline carrier in the world by number of passenger destinations. This RPH is associated with the RPH contained in the FlightSegment element in AirBookRQ. Accessibility | Privacy & Cookie Policy | Legal Notice | Passenger Rights | UATP | Turkish Airlines Copyright © 1996 - 2013 An identifier used to uniquely reference an object in a system (e.g. For ticket purchase or making changes to an existing reservation, find the appropriate contact by selecting your current location. Location code used to identify a specific airport. Specifies one or more traveler names for ticketing purposes. The country's flag carrier, Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933. A collection of all flight segments requested for booking. It has now bloomed into a global carrier that offers unmatched flying options. Identifies the operating carrier and flight number. About Turkish Airlines (IATA Code: TK ) Discover The World Through The Eye Of Turkish Airlines. All images taken from third party sources for complaint please write us support[at]airlinesmap.com, Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets. Turkish Airlines are the flag carrying airline of Turkey. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Payment Type. This is required for use with scheduled airline messages but may be omitted for requests by tour operators. Other Service Information (OSI) for relevant airlines, allowence for piece. Discover more than 120 countries with Turkish Airlines for a unique travel experience. Identifies passenger(s) who will travel on the reservation. Information applicable to the pricing of the reservation. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Unique ID Type. AirItineraryPricingInfoType-PTC_FareBreakdowns. Reference place holder for this flight segment. Provides a reference to a specific form of payment. All payment information relevant to a booking request. The date and time of the flight segment arrival, The flight number of the flight. According to the Skytrax survey 2017, Turkish Airlines was chosen as "Best Airline in Southern Europe" for the 9 th consecutive time. The best way to buy cheap Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets flights. DOMESTIC FLIGHTS For domestic flights, passengers are offered a sandwich as well as a Turkish meze and a dessert depending on the flight time. I feel like home when I step into the office, I am moved to tears with pride when I see the logo of my company somewhere and I am still thrilled as … Skytrax named it the ‘Best Airline in Europe’ for the year 2012. This carrier is known for its quality offerings to the passengers and has received many awards. A container for necessary data to describe one or more legs of a single flight number. Turkish Airlines is more of a family to me rather than just a company. the surname element may be used to pass the full name. Code providing status information for this segment. Turkish Airlines works on a weight system for certain international destinations and a piece system for others, so check out the list of destinations below before traveling so you know what you’re eligible for.. Journeys to and from the U.S. work on the piece system and the checked allowance is 2 bags across economy and business classes with a generous 70 pounds (32 kg) for the latter. Need to know if your hand luggage will fit on board? Book flights now. The carrier travels to 84 cities in Europe, 33 cities in Africa, 31 cities in the Middle East and 26 cities in Asia. Turkish Airlines is considered the best airlines in the world which is also the flag carrier of Turkey which is mostly known for its low-cost traveling services. A proprietary code used between systems to identify an other service information item. Indicates the type of magnetic striped card. Hand luggage scanner . This is normally miles or points. The airline also won the Best European Airline … Current usage value is always OTHER_. The national airline for the country of Turkey was started in 1933 under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense. Identifies a flight number (1 to 4 numbers followed by optional uppercase A - Z, which specifies an operational suffix) or OPEN or ARNK.). Printed menus in eco… Provides detailed information regarding any special needs, requests, or remarks associated with the traveler. Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance and it has repeatedly garnered many prestigious awards with the most notable one, Skytrax award for Europe's Best Airline from 2011-2016, thereby holding the title for six years in a row. A unique identifying value assigned by the creating system. BookFlightSegmentType_E_TicketEligibility. an airline reservation reference, customer profile reference, booking confirmation number, or a reference to a previous availability quote). As of February 2015 Turkish Airlines served 280 destinations in 118 countries around the world, more than any other carrier. The original ticket/document issue information. Indicates the number of decimal places for a particular currency. The operating airline of the flight if it is a codeshare flight. Textual information for the EMD document. (The Book Response message contains the itinerary, passenger and pricing information sent in the request, along with a Booking reference number (PNR Locator) and ticketing information if the booking was successful. Specific payment card information. Turkey, Specifies one or more segment numbers for ticketing purposes. Seat number within a row.Used for an Alpha String, length exactly 1. The four alpha position industry code identifying a particular type of special service request. Minimum information about ticketing required to complete the booking transaction. 462, these tickets are valid as financial documents. This is a collection of PTC Fare Breakdowns. Document number comprised of the airline code, form code, and serial number. It handled 75.1 million passengers in 2018. Specifies a PTC and the associated number of PTC's - for use in specifying passenger lists. The total passenger fare with cost breakdown. All information collect from various sources we cannot guarantee originality. Pay less and save more on flight reservation with best airfares and easy booking process. Turkish Airlines USA not only provides great service, but cheap flights from North America to Europe and beyond. I feel some indescribable emotions here. May also be used for full name if the sending system does not have the ability to separate a full name into its parts, e.g. After signing in, you can view your e-ticket invoice related to purchases made through Turkish Airlines' direct sales channels, and update the taxpayer information on those e-ticket invoice. Turkish Airlines General Management, Building Ataturk Airport, Turkish Airlines, the flagship carrier of Turkey, was established in 1933 with a fleet of just five aircraft. TicketType - Indicates the type of ticket (Paper, eTicket). This RPH is associated with the RPH contained in the TravelerRefNumber element in AirBookRQ. For all other flights, meals are prepared from the best fresh ingredients and include hot/cold breakfast, hot/cold meals depending on your departure time and flight time. A second instance could show the actual paid amount in a different currency. It is the world’s fourth-largest airline in terms of the total number of destinations it serves. Istanbul, OriginDestinationOptionType-FlightSegment. The airline operates services to over 310 destinations across the world, making it the fourth-largest carrier in the world. Refer to OTA Code List Age Qualifying Code (AQC) or use StringLength1to8 with CodeContext to use a non-OTA code. Indicates smoking is allowed when true and is not allowed when false. Turkish Airlines, sometimes referred to simply as Turkish Air, is the national flag carrier airlineof Turkey and is headquartered at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.It recently moved their based airport to Istanbul Airport (IST) as Istanbul Ataturk Airport ceased operation. The 2 character code of the credit card issuer. Used in conjunction with the Success element to define a business error. Number of travelers associated with this segment. Turkish Airlines was awarded for the world's "Best Onboard Catering - Economy Class" in 2010, and the world’s "Best Business Class Airline Catering" in 2013, 2014, 2016 and once again in 2017. Find best and cheap deals on Turkish Airlines flights. May contain readily available information relevant to the booking. Commission information for this ticket/document. https://www.turkishairlines.com/, Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Terms & Conditions Sitemap Airports List, Get Airlines map informations, Reservations information, airlines complete information, Airlines real address & phone number. Come aboard and experience Austrian charm. An identification code assigned to an office/agency by a reservation system. Used to define the quantity for an associated element or attribute. The airline flies to 280 airports in 110 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. A comment applicable to all the pricing information.Textual information to provide descriptions and/or additional information. You can find out everything about our services, online booking and worldwide flights here. This is used to indicate either a charge, reserve (deposit) or refund. 888-220-0490 It flies to more countries than any other airline and is the world's fourth-largest carrier when measured by the number of destinations served. (e.g., Mr. Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr.). Each passenger is responsible for his/her own cabin baggage, which is carried into the passenger cabin free of charge. Identifies passenger(s) who will travel on the reservation. Track any flight live . Used for Character Strings, length 0 to 8. Today, the carrier connects over 300 destinations around the globe from its primary hub in Istanbul. Details of a debit or credit card. Credit card number embossed on the card.Secure information that supports PCI tokens, data masking and other encryption methods. Set if fareBreakdown was requested. Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets The best way to buy cheap Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets flights Sponsored By: TicketsAway LLC. Contains all booking response information pertaining to a completed reservation. All traveler information relevant to a booking request. UniqueID_Type: Yes: Surname: Family name, last name. The airline services over five million passengers each year. Page d'accueil; ANA Mileage Club; Partner Airlines; Turkish Airlines [TK] Turkish Airlines (TK) Established in 1933, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is a 4-star airline with a fleet of 329 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to over 303 destinations worldwide (252 international and 51 domestic). A reference to the type of object defined by the UniqueID element. Specifies the origin and destination of the traveler. Per passenger type code pricing for a travel itinerary. Aircraft with seatmap Seat Pitch Seat Width Seat Type Video Type Laptop Power Power Type Wi-Fi; Airbus A330-200 (332) Layout 1 : 31-33 Flights to North and South America are also available. Price of the inventory excluding taxes and fees. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Unique ID Type (UIT). When true, this flight segment constitutes a valid connection. We'll even help you track down the cheapest business-class tickets and give you the scoop on little details like baggage limits and check-in … View Turkish Airlines Reservations and Flights Tickets booking information and ticket rates to book your airfare! Card issuer. Turkish Airlines has one of the largest global flight networks with 217 destinations in 96 countries. It covers reservations made from all sales channels. The total price that the passenger would pay (includes fare, taxes, fees). Used to specify the form of payment. Buy a flight ticket, make hotel reservation and rent a car. Brussels Airlines, founded in 2007, is the flag carrier airline for Belgium. Refer to OTA Code ListCard Type (CDT). Use ISO 4217, three alpha code. Form of payment details for the requested booking. Family name, last name. Terms and Conditions. Cabin Baggage (hand baggage) is defined as any baggage of 8 kg and 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Code used to indicate the type of traveler that will be traveling (e.g., ADT, CHD, INF, GRP). Standard way to indicate successful processing of an OTA message, but one in which warnings are generated. Réservation. The number associated with the fare rule. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Status (STS). Scan your bag with your phone to check if it fits your airline’s requirements. Salutation of honorific.

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