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Meeting between heritage and passion.

Our village is a unique architectural ensemble in the heart of a particularly well-preserved natural setting of greenery.
It's also our passion: a heritage of great architectural beauty and a unique ensemble in the heart of the village itself. For 15 years already, our challenge has been to help give this character village a new lease of life thanks to the renovation and embellishments carried out here.
Our aim is to give priority to the quality of its living environnement whilst respecting village architecture.
Our floral decorations are intended as a sign of welcome.

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                                                         Cayriech : a lively village

                                                                       The "House in Bloom" competition

In 2000, the village was awarded the National "Quatre fleurs" quality-label.
And in 2003, it was selected by the National "Towns and Villages in Bloom" Council, presided over by the Minister of Tourism to represent France in the Entente Florale competition alongside Cahors on the 18 th July 2004.
This is in recognition not only of our remarkable village policy in favour of floral decoration but also an acknowledgement of the measures we have undertaken in favour of environmental protection.

We are extremely honoured to be one of the smallest villages taking part in this prestigious competition.

Jeanine MULPAS - Mayoress

Putting new life into the village

In order to attempt to reserve the village's rising curve of depopulation we needed to develop our housing policy; a necessity which has since helped our demography to soar as proved by the increase in population since our last census.

A lively village.

Such concerted effort have rapidly born fruit with the depopulation curve beginning its descent as early as 1990. Demography has risen with an increase in population in excess of 72% over the past 13 years.
Moreover, Cayriech's tourist activity has witnessed unprecedented development as shown by the rate of occupancy of our village's two luxury self-catering cottages and campsite.

                                         1990 : 132 inhabitants
                                         1999 : 208 inhabitants
                                         2003 : 227 inhabitants

Buried network systems.

The burying of electricity and telecommunications networks was begun as 1990 and has enabled Cayriech to retrive the perfect outlines of its former silhoutte. Every year, the village does a little more towards completely burying its network systems.

Forbidden billboards.

Billboards greatly contribute to the aesthetic pollution to be found in built-up areas. To avoid such problems in Cayriech, the village council has quite simply forbidden their use throughout the entire village.

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